Why Go To Cuba? 5 Things That Will Surprise You!

Revolution, vintage American cars and world-class cigars. For many, these are typical impressions that first come to mind when Cuba is mentioned. And that is very much true indeed, but recently, the crocodile-shaped island has been more than confident to show its potential for tourism and traveling for a much wider audience.

The strong rise in tourism and hospitality showcases that well, as many people are finally realizing Cuba’s true beauty, natural value and potential for unforgettable memories, beyond the typical stereotypes.

Its difficult times and turbulent history are what shaped the country, resilient & musical people are what makes it vibrant and the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean Sea deliver that sweet cherry on top.

Cuba has everything and more to surprise you and make your travel time fulfilled with all aspects of an unforgettable journey. And all you have to do is surrender yourself to the swaying rhythms of salsa and discover these 5 things that will make Cuba your next destination. Let’s go!

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1) It’s a Never-Ending Concert

Music and dancing are holding a special and privileged position in Cuba, and it is safe to say that Cuba being one big and a never-ending concert is almost an understatement. Cuban music is not only rich in variety and authenticity, but it is also the most common and strongest expression of Cuban culture.

By stepping inside Cuba, you will instantly receive a rather intriguing invitation to hear and feel through an extraordinary blend of rhythms of instruments, cultures and music styles, centered around the basis of Son.

From mambo and Latin jazz to cha-cha-cha to rumba and more, both music styles and various unique instruments allow you to feel the soulful Afro-Cuban vibes as well as strong Hispanic elements with popular Cuban music that has been enjoyed and praised all across the world. Most interestingly, Havana has been the pulsing heart of the Cuban rap scene, while explicit reggaeton songs are banned since 2012.

And with music comes the dance, an essential part of Cuban life. Explore the streets of Havana, small bars and cafes, operas and ballets, because Cuba is home to the largest number of music genres in whole Latin America with soul-moving sounds and rhythms found everywhere you go.

Did you know? Due To Popularity Of Ballerinas, They Have Potential To Earn More Than Doctors in Cuba.

2) Turbulent History & Beautiful Heritage

It all started with indigenous people that were farming, hunting and fishing with their presence dating thousands of years back. But the arrival of Colombus and Spanish started the winds of change that were nothing but turbulent and usually painted in red as many wars were sparked since then.

From Spanish and French colonists to British conquerors, the Cuban land was always in the crossfire for dominance, while also being rich in resources, agriculture, and a having good strategic location. After many years of wars, came independence movements alongside revolutions that changed the landscape of Cuba forever.

Gathering many influences and impacts throughout its history, from Spanish to French and British colonists, architectural gems like the picturesque Baroque style and a dash of American impact, today it is all still there.

As travelers, we can stroll around those lovely cobblestone streets, honor the fallen with nostalgic monuments while discovering squares and iconic colorful buildings, still holding on to that same nostalgic vibe and atmosphere from its past.

Seen everywhere, especially in Havana, be it on the streets that are filled with dazzling architecture, stunning castles or museums, Cuba’s heritage, history, and culture are what makes the country it what it is today.

And to add that cherry on top, The Old Town of Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a prime example of how the prestige of its history and heritage is held to high importance here in Cuba.

Did you know? Cuba Is Home To Astonishing 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

3) Exotic Getaway to Caribbean Heaven

Cuba’s clear emerald waters, white and soft sand beaches, and high-end resorts are the ultimate puzzle piece to complete a dream holiday for many vacationers.

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean Sea and stretches to thousands of miles of pristine coastline comprised with hundreds if not thousands of alluring beaches and bays, alongside many smaller islets. And when it comes to describing Caribbean heaven you always dreamed of, there should be no surprise if experiencing the Caribbean serenity and its turquoise waters become the highlight of the journey!

Once in Cuba, let that warm and soothing Caribbean breeze not only tickle palm trees but your senses as well. It is an unmissable experience and simply impossible avoid it with beaches like Playa Paraiso or Varadero Beach revealing the true Caribbean beauty first-hand.

Did you Know? In Cuba, It Only Snowed Once, Back in 1857.

4) Fantastic Outdoor Recreation

Let’s take a step beyond the dreamy beaches and enchanting architecture, somewhere where Cuba will surprise us even more. And you don’t need to search far as natural landscapes make up a quarter of Cuba’s soil.

Cuba is still developing its tourism for outdoor recreation purposes, and many locations offer unique and unbeaten paths, possibly never walked, hiked or biked by a tourist. Striking valleys and canyons are infused with political history, natural reserves rich with cascading waterfalls and wildlife while rugged terrains, beautiful mountain ranges, and revolutionary trails compose a dramatic scenery, perfect for unforgettable outdoors affair.

World Heritage Listed places such Valle de Vinales offers to discover and explore thriving agriculture heart of Cuba, filled with distinctive flora and fauna, caves dotting the hillside, tobacco plantations together with cliffs and mountain formations that will leave you inspired for more adventures. All explored by either hiking, cycling or horseback riding.

Potential for memorable outdoor adventures in Cuba is only beginning, as the island is perfect for tons of other exciting attractions such as scuba diving, fishing, climbing and many more. Find your own way to fulfill your inner explorer here in the untouched and unspoiled nature of Cuba!

Did you know? The Smallest Bird In The World Lives Here – The Bee Hummingbird.

5) Naturally Flowing Digital Detox

Wait a minute! A digital detox? You don’t mean to say that there will be no Instagramming of food plates, counting likes every minute for that lovely beach photo and disconnecting more than often, from something real. Something that is possibly a once in a lifetime destination for many  – beautiful Cuba.

In these busy digital age days, we don’t even notice how much attached we became, to our devices, social media and internet. We all deserve a quality time to unwind, recharge and feel full of life, and spectacular Cuba is made for it.

Not only you will find serenity among unspoiled beaches, quiet countryside and charming colonial squares, but internet access that is restricted by the government, without free Wi-Fi everywhere and on every corner. For us, digital nomads it creates perfect conditions for a much needed and recommended digital detox.

Grow your sense of appreciation for the environment, improve social interaction, reduce stress and connect more to the psychical world around you, fully and energized in none other than exotic Cuba!

Did you know? In Cuba, the First Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Opened in 2015.

7 Extra Interesting Facts About Cuba

There’s always more we can learn about our destination, and what a better way to do it than learning some of the extra most interesting less-known facts about Cuba!

  • Coca Cola Is Not Sold In Cuba
  • Cuba Boasts Highest Population In The Caribbean
  • Most Restaurants Are Owned By The Government
  • There Are Two Currencies In Cuba
  • Cuba’s Most Popular Sport Is Baseball
  • Cuban Cigars Are Finest In The World
  • The Average Cuban Salary is 20$ A Month

Why Visit Cuba After All? The Final Punch!

Even after our 5 beautiful and surprising reasons to visit Cuba, few questions remain unanswered. Some of these including safety, credit card availability and many more.

Cuba is definitely a safe place to visit as a tourist as the numbers keep on rising up to 60% in the last 5 years, with millions traveling to the country.

Tourism became one of the main revenues for the Cuban government to earn money, and because of that, the attention and protection for the hospitality sector here are very strong. You will notice quickly how one of the priorities for police is protecting touristed areas.

Cuba also operates a dual currency system – the Convertible Peso (CUC) that is only used by travelers and the Cuban Peso (CUP) which is for locals. The cards like Visa, Euro, and Master Card became widely available to use and accepted here in Cuba while some American cards like American Express and others remain blocked.

Cuba is becoming more and more modern, convenient and welcoming, especially for us travelers, it is waiting ready to deliver one unforgettable visit. Enjoy!

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