7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Indonesia

Ever wondered why you should, or why you MUST visit Indonesia? With a country of a size and composition like this, it can be difficult to understand exactly what Indonesia brings to the table. But don’t worry, today we’re going to help you make an educated decision for planning a trip (or not!).

Culture and history speak volumes here with incredible value and diversity while nature paints a picture worth millions anywhere you go. To realize and discover something that will lure you in, and keep you coming back for more, we must capture the essence of the country, because Indonesia can be explored for ages to come.

Discover these 7 reasons why you must visit Indonesia, and watch them skyrocket Indonesia into the top of your bucket list!

Fairytale Beaches

Beautiful beach in Indonesia
Beautiful beach in Indonesia

Once you land in a country, which is an archipelago composed of over 17,000 islands, there should be no surprise when beaches come in as one of the strongest reasons why you must visit Indonesia. Not only they captivate visitors with their unprecedented beauty, but also with uniqueness and diversity that they boast.

Some of them are easily considered as the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, and once here, you will notice why in a heartbeat!

Stumble upon unique sand arenas like Pink Beach in Flores or discover volcanic and non-crowded ones with black sand in Bali’s north.

But for those who are all about classic fairytale-like white soft sand and turquoise waters, Indonesia has more than enough for everyone to discover.

You can never go wrong with beaches like Jungutbatu, Gam Island and Gili Nanggu leading by example while so many other beaches and idyllic spots are waiting to be discovered by curious travelers, just like you!

Intriguing Culture & Heritage

With more than 6 official religions, over 300 diverse ethnic groups and hundreds of traditional belief systems, becoming acquainted with Indonesia’s intriguing culture will be a journey of its own!

Today, travelers can explore and discover heritage that is shaped by long historic interactions between Indonesia’s indigenous customs and foreign influences. Indonesia being situated along ancient trading routes between the Far East, South Asia, and the Middle East, led to forming a complex cultural mixture that is still seen today. And it gives yet another beautiful reason why you must visit Indonesia.

From communities centered around gripping funeral ceremonies like Toraja to spiritual performers in Balinese and more remote & undeveloped Badui people. All different, all extraordinary in their own way, and that are just a tip of a cultural iceberg that Indonesia is.

What best defines culture & heritage here is probably the word – whirlwind, as it is just that, a wild yet fascinating tornado of cultures, all united and thriving together.

Once you start getting to know different and fascinating cultural details, explore architectural landmarks, meeting local people and being greeted by their heart-warming smiles, you’ll realize how we are all one big family.

Spectacular Outdoors

Woman rearview sitting at the top of a mountain in Indonesia
Woman rearview sitting at the top of a mountain in Indonesia

Are you ready for the out-of-this-world experience? If yes, then I invite you to join me in a once in a lifetime affair only to be had with spectacular outdoors and natural borders of Indonesia.

For nature lovers, who seek adventure and thrill, Indonesia will surprise even the savvy globetrotters and trekkers out there.

Striking volcanoes such as Mount Bromo & Mount Kelimutu as prime examples offers incredible panoramas with an opportunity to reach the summit and discover smoking craters, some with beautiful and colorful lakes inside as a cherry on top.

And that’s only the beginning, as Indonesia gives us a chance to embark on a journey through any landscape imaginable, be it untouched rainforests, breathtaking waterfalls, scenic rice paddies, open savannas or highest peaks. Add those incredible beaches and traditional villages as a bonus and you have yourself an unmatched combination for outdoors of epic proportions.

Delicious Cuisine

Delicious Indonesian dish cuisine
Delicious Indonesian dish cuisine

If you’re still looking for an answer as to if you should visit the beautiful and incredible Indonesia, then its delicious cuisine will definitely present its own case, as a reason why you simply must visit Indonesia. After all, we all love food, don’t we?

One of the best ways to connect to culture will always be through its cuisine, as it is an ultimate manifestation of history and culture of a country. And with such rich cultural diversity in Indonesia, comes gastronomy comprised of thousands of dishes, molded by stories, traditions, and ancient recipes.

SBS Australia once stated that Indonesian food is “one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavor.” And yes, it as all true and beyond.

Beyond the well-known dishes such as Gado-Gado, nasi goreng and satay, and the official national dish tumpeng, lies many different cuisines.

Sumatran cuisine, for example, offers an exotic blend of Middle Eastern and Indian influences while the indigenous Javanese Cuisine hides some hints of Chinese technique. The cuisines of Eastern Indonesia, however, are similar to Polynesian and Melanesian ones. As you can see, even a simple thing as the food here offers a journey that would probably take a lifetime to complete!

Exceptional Coral Reefs & Scuba Diving

Coral reefs and scuba diving in Indonesia at a distance
Coral reefs and scuba diving in Indonesia at a distance

While you stamp & tramp through rumbling volcanoes and enchanted rainforests, there’s always something more waiting in Indonesia, especially below the gentle waves of the many seas within the archipelago.

An astonishing number of over 550 coral species with 75% of the known corals in the world can be found in marine ecoregions across Indonesia. Coral reefs here infused with bright colors and rich biodiversity in life.

Prime locations like world-renowned Coral Triangle, UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Komodo National Park or beach destinations like Bangka, are more than perfect either for simple snorkeling or more in-depth scuba diving sessions. There are so much more locations available across the islands. A choice for sea and nature lovers, that might seem like an endless one!

Just a step away from your beach bungalow awaits an opportunity to float above crystal clear waters with snorkeling that will leave anyone fascinated. Dive into the world full of discoveries, sparkling flora, and fauna with marine ecosystems and coral networks creating a world that is beyond words, only here in beautiful Indonesia!

Picturesque Traditional Villages

Hold on, we’re almost there! But we can’t finish just yet, as Indonesia comes with another captivating reason why you must visit this exciting country.

With all those different cultures, cuisines and traditions floating around Indonesia, they must be based somewhere, right? Yes, they all have homes, and visiting them is one of the best ways to reflect upon Indonesia’s charm.

Whether you are seeking to spice up your hiking routes, participate in ancient rituals and traditional festivals, witness unusual architecture or simply hang out with the locals, it is all there, among the picturesque traditional villages, sometimes hidden behind mighty mountains.

Stumble upon interesting art, wood carvings, and traditional dancing in villages like Batuan and Mas, while places like Tenganan and Toraja will reveal unique architectural structures and layouts.

Beautiful & Diverse Wildlife

Wildlife in Indonesia
Wildlife in Indonesia

World’s largest lizard calls Indonesia home, but so does the smallest primate on the planet, as well as crucially endangered species like Sumatran tiger and Javan rhinoceros alongside thousands of other animal and bird species. All here, to leave you speechless and showcase how beautiful, interesting and unique wildlife can be.

The vast tropical grounds and thick forests together with seagrass beds, coral reefs and mangroves and many other ecosystems through the country resulted in biodiversity that is hard to match. Generally, it is divided in two, with western Indonesia being strongly influenced by Asian fauna and eastern side more touched by Australasian fauna.

One of the most iconic and impressive wildlife figures is definitely the legendary Komodo Dragon, stretching to 3-meters-long, this peculiar reptile will leave an everlasting imprint once met. Great apes, lots of monkeys and other exotic species like elephants and jaguars also inhabit the lush surroundings of Indonesia.

Besides the incredible marine life lurking below turquoise sea waters, estimated thousands of fish species are also known to thrive in the rivers, lakes, and swamps across the islands.

Whether its reptiles and amphibians, fish, birds, fast predators or giant mammals, all of the wildlife categories boast hundreds of species, each different and awesome in their own way, with some only seen here, in Indonesia.


As you can see, it is all about diversity here in Indonesia. In general, it is a safe country for tourism and travel, with more than 12 million visitors stopping by annually for one sparkling vacation or a daring adventure. People from all around the globe love visiting Indonesia, whether its honeymoon couples, backpackers, animal-lovers, sightseers, digital-age influencers or food enthusiasts, everyone will find their own moment of glory here, in spectacular & wide Indonesia. Enjoy!

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