Things To Do In Nashville With Kids

We all know that the travel industry for Nashville has been on a steady rise this past decade. And now in 2020, traveling is still as popular as ever.

A lot of people travel solo, while others prefer to go as couples or groups of friends. But venturing out to new destinations as families has also been on the rise.

While everyone is busy with work, school and many more activities, this is an ideal occasion to spend quality time together. And there’s hardly anything that connects a family more than the beauty of traveling and soaking in experiences together, as a family.

If Nashville Tennessee is on your radar and you are ready to visit, explore, pack in memorable moments as a family, and have lots of fun, then exciting adventures await! And with this extensive list of things to do in Nashville with kids you are guaranteed to have fun!

1) Take the Hop-on-Hop-off Tour Bus

Hop-on-Hop-off is a true classic for any destination out there, and always works! Nashville is a clash of modern and historic worlds with a lot to see and there’s no secret that both kids and adults love these bus rides.

tourists and a host holding a microphone on a hop on hop off open-top nashville tour bus

It might be one of the most cliché attractions, but the valuable tips and commentary from the local guide as well as the ability to see places and neighborhoods that you might eventually miss out will always be a great deal. And the kids will surely enjoy the thrill and the ride. Over 10 key stops such as Farmer’s Market or Country Music Hall of Fame will invite you to hop-off and then rejoin the bus at your own family’s pace.

It is a brilliant introduction to the city and one of the best things to do in Nashville with kids. Therefore, take some drinks and snacks with you, take the top deck if possible, sit back and enjoy as the whole family will definitely love an effortless and fun exploration!

2) Sing and Dance at Kid-friendly Venues with Live Music

It’s Tennessee and it’s Nashville after all. The home of country music and a major recording and producing center. If we’re talking the best things to do in Nashville with kids, we simply can’t leave this one out because, with music, you can’t go wrong!

a colorful graphic that says country music in the middle surrounded with guitars cowboy hats boots and music symbols

Nashville is filled with restaurants, venues and wide broadways that echo rhythms to be admired and danced to. And the best news is that there’s a lot of kid-friendly restaurants out there in Nashville that will happily accommodate a family and deliver memorable and fun moments.

Wildhorse Saloon Bar and B.B. King’s are one of the prime examples. Not only you will have a chance to enjoy live music, but also to learn and practice line dancing while your kids will also have options of their own from kid’s food menu. Enjoy!

3) Meet Fascinating Animals in Nashville Zoo

No matter what you do or where you are from, Animal Kingdom is always fascinating and intriguing. And with Nashville Zoo there’s rarely a better opportunity to make the trip even more unique and fun than this.

a colorful cartoon banner that says Zoo and has six welcoming animals on top including lion with hands out

The zoo opened its doors back in 1990 and now hosts over 2,764 animals and 365 species. Outstanding number indeed! Anything from exotic cotton-top Tamarins, cute two-toed sloths and giant giraffes to frightening anacondas, rare Southern White Rhinos and so many more. Animals here are rare and captivating with an experience that has a rich educative value for it.

Add guided tours, various events, camps, and even overnight possibilities and we definitely have one of the best things to do in Nashville with kids that adults will also enjoy at its fullest.

4) Have Fun at the Nashville Adventure Park

Attention outdoor and adventure lovers! If the vacation can’t be a success without some good old fun in nature or you simply want to spice it up then consider visiting the Nashville Adventure Park.

a child in an adventure park holding on to a rope and wearing a harness and walking on hanging wooden steps

The largest aerial forest ropes park in Nashville are welcoming visitors for only a couple of years, but has been a big success due to its diversity of installments that the park offers.

The adventure park makes our list of top things to do in Nashville with kids because more than 155 elements in the trees connected through cables, wood, and ropes that form zip lines and bridges will make sure everyone will have fun, adult or a child!

With 12 trails in total for every level out there, climbing, zip-lining, and more fun can easily be achieved at your own selected pace and most importantly, safety.

5) Stroll on the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge

Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge is as simple as it gets but at the same time its something that shouldn’t be overlooked and possibly used more than once!

The bridge is relatively new and is now a vital part of the city, as it connects over 20 miles of biking and walking trails as well as the two impressive parks that have wetlands, nature centers, ballparks and more to offer – Shelby Bottoms and Two Rivers Park. It also gets you into downtown with splendid views and casual city vibes along the way. Best conquered by foot, the Cumberland river pedestrian bridge is a humble yet unforgettable attraction.

And whether it’s night or day, the skyline of Nashville is absolutely gorgeous from the bridge and will get that camera working hard. For the icing on the cake, try to catch a sunrise or a sunset from the bridge.

6) Visit a Variety of Interesting Museums

Picking one specific museum in Nashville is no easy task. Therefore, depending on your interests and preferences you might want to decide based on that, but we have to do a brief introduction of what could you expect from this beautiful diversity.

For the start, you could never go wrong with Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum where over 2 million artifacts together with dozens of recordings, stage costumes, musical instruments, and even workshops are present. Then we could easily jump to The Frist Center for the Visual Arts where works from local and regional artists reside as well as engaging hands-on activities for children.

And what about Parthenon? A museum, a monument to classic architecture and a replica of the iconic landmark in Athens, Greece. It might be a replica, but it is just as beautiful and has dozens of paintings inside from the 19th – 20th century.

And that’s just a tip of an iceberg of what Nashville has to offer for educative, intriguing and curiosity-filled experience for the whole family. With a variety of more than 20 museums and a strong historical and cultural value, visiting museums are without a doubt one of the most profound things to do in Nashville with kids!

7) Attend Professional Sporting Event

Nashville might be the city of music, but it also has a strong professional sporting scene and is home to four professional franchises. Two of them happen to play on the highest level in their respective fields: the Tennessee Titans in the NFL and the Nashville Predators in the NHL.

The atmosphere and excitement of the live game are hard to compare to anything else, and the entertainment value goes equally well for both kids and adults!

If you are up for more sports, you will always find it here in Nashville with multiple basketball tournaments, six Division I colleges, Minor Baseball League team: Nashville Sounds and more.

Conclusion + Additional Ideas & Things to Do in Nashville with Kids

There we are, with 7 time-tested things to do in Nashville with kids that the adults are going to enjoy as well. Nashville, Tennessee has a little bit of everything to offer and to finalize this statement, let’s check out a quick list of smaller additional ideas that might spark interest in your family!


A café with more than v400 board games and trained experts to help you.

Marathon Village

The car factory of hundred years old converted into a shopping and drinking district.

The Escape Games

From launching a spaceship to finding forbidden treasure, it is one of the best escape rooms in the city that will get you working as a team.


A perfect opportunity to get to know Nashville with electric bicycles while conquering hundreds of miles of bike roads.

Ford Ice Center

An arena where you can lace up, learn how to skate and have fun while in Nashville.

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